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Charlotte County (Virginia) Committee



At a Meeting of Freeholders at the Court House in the County of Charlotte, on Friday, the 13th of January last, a Committee of the following persons were elected, for the purposes recommended in the eleventh Article of the Continental Association, viz: Paul Carrington, Thomas Read, Isaac Read, James Speed, John Brent, Thomas Spencer, Joel Watkins, M' Ness Good, William Hubbard, John White, Sion Spencer, Thomas Bedford, Thomas Carter, William Morton, and Joseph Morton.

Paul Carrington, Esquire, was unanimously elected Chairman. The Committee then proceeded to the choice of a Clerk.

On the 6th day of February, at another meeting of the Committee, held at the Court House aforesaid, it was Resolved, that this Committee do testify their sincere approbation of the Association Agreement entered into by the Congress, in exercising unwearied diligence in attempts for its true maintenance and inviolate preservation within their County; and that their unfeigned thanks are due to the worthy Members that composed the late Continental Meeting, for their zeal and steady attention to the interests and happiness of British America. It was Resolved, that Committees, deputed by the County Committee, do examine the Day-Books, Invoices, &c˙, of the several Merchants, or Storekeepers, within this County; that their report might discriminate the worthy Merchants, and quiet the minds of the people from future suspicions; that Mr˙ Thomas Read, Mr˙ Isaac Read, Mr˙ Speed, Mr˙ Thomas Spencer, Mr˙ Watkins, Mr˙ Good, Mr˙ Sion Spencer, Mr˙ Bedford, and Mr˙ William Morton, be a Committee to inspect the Store Books of Accounts, and Invoices, kept by Mr˙ Christopher M' Connico, as factor for Alexander Speirs and Company; that Mr˙ Isaac Read, Mr˙ Speed, Mr˙ Brent, Mr˙ Watkins, Mr˙ Hubbard, Mr˙ White, Mr˙ Carter, and Mr˙ William Morton, be a Committee to inspect the Store Books of Accounts, and Invoices, kept by Mr˙ William Barksdale, as factor for Field and Call; and that Mr˙ Thomas Read, Mr˙ Good, Mr˙ Sion Spencer, and Mr˙ Thomas Bedford, do examine the Store Books of Accounts, and Invoices, belonging to Mr˙ Matthew Marrable, at his Store, in this County.

At a further meeting of the Committee at the Court House aforesaid, on the 14th of said month, Mr˙ Thomas Read reported, that, in pursuance of their order for inspecting the Books of Mr˙ Christopher M' Connico, they had, on the 8th of the month, waited on Mr˙ M' Connico at his house, for the liberty of carrying the said order into execution, but were refused any view of the said Books, Mr˙ M' Connico offering for excuse, that he had not the consent of his employers for subjecting his Books to such inspection. The Committee are of opinion, that such refusal from an Associator, (Mr˙ M' Connico appearing to be one,) is refusing to comply with the dictates of the Association Agreement, and induces a suspicion of his having taken advantage in the sale of Goods, contrary to the sense of tbe tenth Article; therefore, they have determined that Christopher M' Connico has so far violated and departed from the true spirit and meaning of the Association, that


they will immediately break off all correspondence with him, until he shall give full and ample satisfaction to the said Resolution of this Committee, for examining his Books, &c. And they recommend it to the publick, and particularly to his customers, and the people of this County, to withdraw all dealings with the said M' Connico, agreeable to the Resolution of this Committee, except that necessary intercourse that may arise in the adjustment of their accounts, and payment of their debts; and this Committee earnestly hope, that such of his customers as are in arrear on his Books, will make good their respective balances by a punctual discharge thereof.

Mr˙ Isaac Read, from the Committee for inspecting the Store Books, &c˙, of Mr˙ William Barksdale, reported that, on their application, Mr˙ Barksdale produced his Books, and had given them all the assistance and information in the course of their examination that they required; and are of opinion that Mr˙ Barksdale has not taken advantage of the present scarcity of Goods, by advancing on sales, and, as far as their inquiry extended, appears to have sold his Goods on lower terms than in the preceding year.

The Committee for inspecting Mr˙ Marrable' s Books, &c˙, were disappointed in their attendance by bad weather. It is Resolved, that they do prosecute the former order of this Committee for examining Mr˙ Marrable' s Books, and make report thereon at the next County Meeting, &c. Mr˙ Speed is added to the Committee for inspecting Mr˙ Marrable' s Store Books, &c.