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Joseph Smith


HONOURABLE GENTLEMEN: I am out of employment, and ruin stares me in the face. If any place in your gift is vacant, or likely soon to be, should be glad to serve my country in any capacity I am capable of. I have for many years sailed out of this place, as master and owner of a vessel, in which way I had acquired something handsome, of all which I was deprived in one unfortunate moment by having my vessel and cargo seized; which circumstance is well known to several of the City Members. This sudden transition from a state of comfortable subsistence to a state of wretchedness, was almost more than I could bear. I have ever since struggled hard, but cannot get ahead.

I am well acquainted in the West-Indies — Dutch, French, and some of the Spanish ports; likewise in many ports in Europe. If this honourable House should at any time think proper to send me for powder or warlike stores, I am willing to risk my life in the service; or if any person is wanting on the lakes, or to superintend the building of vessels, should be glad to serve in that capacity. I would not by this be understood, however, to dictate to the honourable House; I only mention this because I am better acquainted in the maritime way than in any other. For my character, please to inquire of Captain Randall, Captain Long, Mr˙ Van Zandt, or Mr˙ Curtenius, who, I do not doubt, will give you full satisfaction.

I am, gentlemen, with great respect, your most obedient servant,


P˙ S˙ My home at present is at Mr˙ Benjamin Hannings, in Piscataway, New-Jersey, to which place I have retired with my family (coming home very sick last fall from Carolina,) because it is not so expensive as in town, and was the reason of not applying sooner. I shall return in a day or two. If any occasion for me, please to let Mr˙ Curtenius know your commands.