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Robert Hanna and Others to Governour Penn



Pittsburgh, May 23, 1775.

MAY IT PLEASE YOUR HONOUR: Shortly after our confinement here we wrote you in what manner we have been treated by the court of Fort Dunmore, as ' tis called, and also enclosed a list of actions brought against us for acting in our office, with the writs of adjournment from and to Staunton; but we have the greatest reason to believe it has not yet come to your hands, by reason of our receiving no answer. We have ever since remained, and now are in jail bounds, though often threatened with close confinement. We, with the assistance of one of our brethren now in the same slate with us, (namely, Thomas Scott,) would inform your Honour as follows, viz: The said Scott was recognised on the thirteenth of November last past, to appear at the next court then to be holden at this place; notwithstanding the appearance was made accordingly, and no court held, yet the recognisance was continued; and since, the body of said Scott was arrested by armed force, with five writs, one at the suit of the King, and four civil processes, for acting by virtue of your Honour' s commission of the peace; to which process the said Scott appeared here at court the sixteenth instant, and upon the said recognisance, was adjudged by the court to be bound in five hundred Pounds, with two sureties in two hundred and fifty Pounds each, to keep the peace, be of good behaviour, and in particular not to act as a Magistrate by any authority derived from Pennsylvania. On refusing to give such bail, on account of the latter clause in particular, though sufficient bail for the prison bounds was tendered, was ordered, and put into close jail with murderers and thieves, and there detained about one hour; but on a motion to the court, made by Mr˙ Home, was admitted to prison bounds bail.

In consequence of the disagreeable circumstances we now labour under, and more especially those of us who have families, we look upon it absolutely necessary to send the bearer hereof express, (who is ordered to wait your


answer,) praying your immediate instructions, whether we shall give the bail required by this court, break the bounds, or in what manner we shall be enlarged, or conduct ourselves to your Honour' s satisfaction, and the interest of the Government, to which we are closely attached.

Sir, the unhappy situation to which this Country is at present reduced by the proceedings of the Virginians, has rendered it impossible for us to collect any sum of money whatever; and our ready cash being nearly exhausted in defence of the cause, lays us under the necessity of applying to your Honour for the sum of fifteen Pounds, which we were obliged to promise to said express for his services, which we hope you will order him paid before he leaves Town, and also enclose such other sums of money as you may think sufficient to defray the past expenses, and answer the present necessities of your Honour' s most obliged and very humble servants,


To the Honourable John Penn, Esq˙, Governour and Commander-in-Chief of the Province of Pennsylvania, &c.