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Meeting of the Inhabitants of Perth-Amboy, New-Jersey



At a meeting of the inhabitants of the North Ward of the City of Perth-Amboy, on Friday, the 28th of April, 1775:

Resolved unanimously, That James Parker, Stephen Skinner ,and Jonathan Deare, Esquires, or any two of them, be a standing Committee of Correspondence for the North Ward of this City.


A copy of a Letter from the Committee of Correspondence of Princeton, signed by Jonathan D˙ Sergeant, Esquire, Clerk to the said Committee, transmitted by the Committee of Woodbridge, and by them directed to the inhabitants of this City, was read, wherein, after mentioning the very alarming intelligence lately received, a Provincial Congress for this Province is proposed to be held on the 5th day of May next; and a meeting of the inhabitants being now called, that their sense might be taken on the necessity and propriety of choosing Deputies to attend the said Congress:

The question was thereupon put, whether Deputies shall be sent or not, and carried in the affirmative unanimously.

James Parker, Stephen Skinner, and Jonathan Deare, Esquires, were then nominated as Deputies to attend the said Congress to represent this City, and were unanimously chosen; and it is requested that they, or any one or more of them do attend the said Congress accordingly.

It is also agreed by the inhabitants now assembled, that the expenses of the Deputies who shall attend the said Congress be defrayed by this City.

It is also requested that Mr˙ Deare acquaint the Committees of Princeton and Woodbridge of the proceedings of this meeting. By order of the meeting: