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William Livingston, John De Hart, Richard Smith, John Cooper, and Jonathan Dickinson Sargeant


Wednesday, February 14, 1776.

Congress met according to adjournment.

A Letter from,the Honourable John Hancock, Esquire, requesting that Detachments of Minute-Men, equal to a Battalion, be immediately armed and accoutred, and sent to New York, to act under Major-General Lee, was read, and ordered a second reading.


Mr˙ Demarest appointed to deliver the Papers, Books, and Records, removed from the Secretary' s Office at Perth-Amboy, to Mr˙ Pettitat the Secretary' s Office, at Burlington, and to take receipt thereof, made report of such delivery, which was read, and ordered to be filed.

Agreeable to the Order of the Day, the Congress proceeded to elect Delegates to represent this Province in Continental Congress; which election being made, it is thereupon,

Resolved, unanimously, That William Livingston, John DeHart, Richard Smith, John Cooper, and Jonathan Dickinson Sergeant, Esqs˙, be Delegates to represent this Province in the Continental Congress, for the space of one year, or until others shall be legally appointed in their stead; and that they, or any three or more of them, have full and ample power to consent and agree to all measures which such Congress shall deem necessary. And this Province bind themselves to execute, to the utmost of their power, all Resolutions which the said Congress may adopt. And further, if the said Congress shall think necessary to adjourn, we do authorize our said Delegates to represent and act for this Province in any one Congress to be held by virtue of such adjournment, during their Delegation.

On motion, Resolved, unanimously, That the thanks of this Congress be returned to the several gentlemen who have represented this Colony in the honourable Continental Congress, for their faithful discharge of the important trust reposed in them; and that the President do transmit the same accordingly.

On motion, Resolved, unanimously, That Mr˙ Lewis Dunham be recommended by this Congress to the honourable Continental Congress, as Surgeon, and Mr˙ Thomas Read, as Surgeon' s Mate, for the Third Battalion now raising in this Colony.

Resolved, unanimously, That this Congress will make provisions for defraying the expenses of the gentlemen appointed to represent this Colony in Continental Congress.

Adjourned till three o' clock in the afternoon.

Met according to adjournment.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Fisher, Mr˙ Mehelm, Mr˙ Drake, and Mr˙ Brown, be a Committee to preparean Ordinance for exempting persons who inlist in the service of the United Colonies from being arrested.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Covenhoven, Mr˙ Ellis, Mr˙ Hughes, and Mr˙ Elmer, be a Committee to prepare an Ordinance for numbering the Inhabitants of this Colony, pursuant to the direction of the Continental Congress.

The Committee appointed to prepare a draft of an Ordinance for appointing Barrackmasters in this Province, and making provisions for defraying the expense of repairing said Barracks, brought in the same; which was read, and ordered a second reading,

On motion, Ordered, That Moses Scott be Surgeon to the Second Regiment of Foot Militia, in the County of Middlesex, under the command of Colonel Wetherill.

On motion, Ordered, That Oliver Barnet, Esquire, be Surgeon to the Fourth Regiment of Foot Militia in the County of Hunterdon, under the command of Colonel Mehelm.

Adjourned till nine o' clock tomorrow morning.