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A copy of the Presentments of the Grand Jurors at a Court held at Ninety-Six on the 30th of May


A copy of the Presentments of the Grand Jurors at a Court of Oyer and Terminer, Assize and General Delivery, begun and holden at Ninety-Six, for the District of Ninety-Six, on Thursday, the 30th of May, 1776, was presented to the House and read, with the orders of the Court thereupon, directing the following to be laid before the Legislature, viz: First, the want of places of publick worship and for schools. Second, the want of a proper vagrant law. Third, that writs are issuable from and returnable to Charles-Town only, and that the records are not kept in the different Districts. Fourth, the want of provision for many poor and indigent persons; and recommend that the Committees in the different Districts where there are no Parishes be empowered to assess for that purpose. Fifth, the want of publick roads through the Province in general, and the bad repair in which several are kept, and particularly the want of a road to lead from the upper parts of Savannah River, Rocky River, and Little River, heading the south fork of Edisto, and Saltcatchee or Salcatchee Rivers, to Hort' s Ferry on Edisto River, and from thence lo Slann' s Bridge.

Ordered, That the said Presentments do lie on the table for the perusal of the members.