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March 23


Head-Quarters, Cambridge, March 23, 1776.

(Parole, Cape-Fear)
(Countersign, Moore.)

Colonel James Read' s, Nixon' s, Poor' s, Prescott' s, Arnold' s, and Baldwin' s Regiments, are the first to march under Brigadier-General Sullivan. They are to be ready at a moment' s warning. The General flatters himself that the commanding officer of each of these and the other corps will exert themselves (as they are going to join the troops of other Colonies) in sprucing up their men, that they may look as soldier-like and reputable as possible. This, and a proper attention to the good and orderly behaviour of the men, and the proper care of their arms, ammunition, and accoutrements, are qualifications essentially necessary to every commanding officer; therefore, for their own honour and the honour of the New-England Colonies, it is hoped they will diligently exert themselves at this time.

Two Companies of Artillery, with such light brass ordnance and stores as the commanding officer of the Artillery shall direct, are to march with General Sullivan.

Colonel Gridley is to apply to General Ward for such men as are necessary for the demolition of the lines on Boston Neck, who is to see the work executed as fast as possible; the pickets and other useful materials to be preserved and placed, so as to be ready when called for, under the care of sentries. Such parts of these works as may he of service for our defence are to be preserved.

Colonel Knox will immediately lay out a battery upon Charlestown Point, to be executed under the direction of Lieutenant-Colonel Mason, of the Artillery. A Field-Officer, with all the men off duty of Colonel Robinson' s Regiment to march at sunrise, to-morrow morning, to Charlestown Point, as a working party.