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Albany Committee to New-York Congress



Albany Committee Chamber, August 10, 1775.

GENTLEMEN: We find ourselves once more obliged to trouble you with respect to the soldiers who were taken prisoners at St˙ John' s, who have been furnished with provisions by Elisha Phelps, Esq˙, Commissary, appointed by the Governour of Connecticut, till a few days ago, when Mr˙ Phelps went into Connecticut upon business, and left no order with his Deputy to supply them, who being unwilling to supply them without orders from our Board, spoke to the Chairman, who told him he thought, as the Army was now properly organized, it was their business to give orders concerning prisoners, and referred him to Gen˙ Montgomery, who, as the said Deputy informed us, found much fault with their insolence, and thought it improper that they should be suffered to remain in this Town, as being a frontier place, where they might do disservice to the publick cause, and therefore declined doing any thing in the affair. Upon which Mr˙ Phelps' s Deputy made application to us again, advising us at the same time, that the soldiers were so insolent as to threaten to take provisions by force if he refused to supply them. We have come to the resolution to supply them as formerly, till we have your further instructions in the premises.

We are, Gentlemen, your humble servants. By order of the Committee:


To the Provincial Congress of the Colony of New-York.