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Congress Requested to Have Drawn Up and Transmitted to England


This Committee have, with great concern, considered the advantages our enemies will derive from General Gage' s misrepresentations of the battle of Charlestown, unless counteracted by the truth, of that day' s transactions being fairly and honestly represented to our friends and others in Great Britain; therefore,

Resolved, That it be humbly recommended to the honourable Congress now sitting at Watertown, to appoint a Committee to draw up and transmit to Great Britain, as soon as possible, a fair, honest, and impartial account of the late battle of Charlestown on the 17th ultimo, so that our friends and others in that part of the world,may not be in any degree imposed upon by General Gage' s misrepresentations of that day' s transactions, and that they also be a Standing Committee, for that purpose.

With hearts deeply affected by the sufferings of our friends in the Town and Harbour of Boston, now under the cruel hand of tyrannick power; and reflecting upon the advice of the late Continental Congress respecting our enemy' s seizing any of our friends, it is

Resolved, By this Committee, that it be recommended to the honourable Provincial Congress now sitting at Watertown, to recommend to the Grand American Congress, that every Crown Officer within the United Colonies be immediately seized and held in safe custody, until our friends who have been seized by General Gage are set at liberty, and fully recompensed for their loss and imprisonment.

Voted, That Mr˙ John Steel and his two sons be appointed Armourers for this Colony' s Forces.

Eight Small-Arms were delivered to Colonel Ebenezer Bridges, for the use of his Regiment, amounting, as by appraisement, to seventeen Pounds, six Shillings, for which a receipt was taken in the minute book.

Whereas, the honourable Congress have made an establishment for a company of Artificers, which consists of Carpenters, Blacksmiths, and Wheelwrights, and a Captain is appointed for the Carpenters, but no provision is made for Captains or master workmen for the Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights; therefore,

Resolved, That the premises be recommended to the consideration of the honourable Congress now sitting at Watertown.