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Committee to bring in a Bill to prevent the waste of Powder


The Bill declaratory of the right of certain Towns and Districts in the Colony, to elect Representatives, read the second nine, and ordered to be read again at four o' clock in the afternoon.

The Committee appointed to receive and deliver the Arms that were in the custody of the Committee of Safety, were directed to inquire of Major Barber and Mr˙ Cheever, Ordnance Storekeepers, what Arms they have received belonging to this Colony, and how they have disposed of them.

The Committee appointed to agree with some person to print the Journals of the House reported, that they had conferred with Mr˙ Edes on this subject, and that his terms were twenty-eight Shillings per sheet. The number to be printed was five hundred: Whereupon,

Ordered, That said Committee agree with Mr˙ Edes on those terms.

A Petition of the Recruiting Officers in General Ward' s Regiment, praying this Court to order payment to them of four Pounds each, agreeable to a Resolve of the late Congress, was read, and committed to Deacon Rawson, Captain Dix, and Mr˙ Crane.

Ordered, That Colonel Moses Little, who has received from the Ordnance Store, in Cambridge, forty-five Fire-Arms,


which were procured for Colonel Nixon' s Regiment, in consequence of a request from the Hon˙ General Lee, do return them to the Committee appointed to receive and dispose of the Arms collected from the several Towns in this Colony.

In Council, August 9, 1775: Read and concurred.


The Committee on the Petition of Colonel Arnold, (which was recommitted,) reported that the prayer of the Petition be granted.

Ordered, That the Secretary lay on the table the Resolve for an emission of One Hundred Thousand Pounds.

The Secretary brought down the said Resolve, and laid it upon the table accordingly.

A Petition of Mr˙ Joshua Fabyan, praying this Court to order payment to him of five Pounds, for a balance due to the Selectmen of Scarborough, for one hundred Blankets procured for the Soldiers who were enlisted in that Town, was read, and committed.

Ordered, That one or more of the Committee of Supplies be directed to attend this House, to give an account of the Horse and Chaise lately the property of Harrison Gray, which was in the possession of the late Doctor Warren, and since his death in the possession of the said Committee.

Mr˙ Benjamin Guild was returned a Member for the Town of Wrentham.

Captain Samuel Epes was returned a Member for the Town of Danvers.

Ordered, That Captain Partridge, Colonel Freeman, and Captain Stone, be a Committee to bring in a Bill to prevent the waste of Powder by firing at fowl or game of any kind, and marks; and that the Committee be instructed to see that this Bill does not extend to the Army.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Gerry and Mr˙ Cushing, with such as the honourable Board shall join, be a Committee to consider what is proper to be done relative to the receiving and disposing of the Coats and other articles which were ordered to be procured for the Soldiers by the Resolves of the late Provincial Congress.

Ordered, That Dr˙ William Eustis be, and hereby is directed immediately to deliver to the Committee of Supplies the Horse and Chaise which were in the possession of the late Doctor Warren, and which formerly belonged to Harrison Gray, of Boston.