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Letter from Governour Franklin to the Earl of Dartmouth


"The General Assembly of this Province are now sitting, being convened on the 11th of last month, in order to transact the publick business.

"At the opening of the session, I had some hopes of prevailing on the House of Representatives not to approve of the proceedings of the General Congress held at Philadelphia, for which purpose a paragraph of my Speech was particularly calculated; but the Delegates from this Province took the alarm, and used their utmost endeavours with the Members to persuade them to give their approbation to those proceedings, as otherwise, one grand end the Congress had in view would be entirely frustrated, namely, the preserving an appearance of unanimity throughout the Colonies, without which, they said, their measures could not have that weight and efficacy with the Government and people of Great Britain, as was intended.

"The scheme, however, met with some opposition in the House, every Member proposing to defer the consideration of it to a future time, or to give their approbation to only some parts of the proceedings of the Congress; but by the artful management of those who espoused the measure, it was carried through precipitately the very morning it was proposed, as your Lordship will see by a copy of


their Resolutions now enclosed, [ See Folio 1124] which were all previously prepared for the purpose."