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Connecticut Committee of Correspondence to John Hancock



Lebanon, April 21, 1775,

DEAR SIR: Two of the Delegates from your Congress were with Governour Trumbull, and left him this morning at 7 o' clock. Writs are gone out, to call the General Assembly to meet at Hartford next Wednesday. Every preparation is making to support your Province. We have many reports of what is doing with you, the particulars we


cannot yet get with precision. The ardour of our people is such that they can' t be kept back. The Colonels are to forward part of the best men and most ready, as fast as possible, the remainder to be ready at a moment' s warning. These are the present movements with us. All that we learn from you is, that a Brigade marched from Boston towards Concord last Tuesday evening; that they fired on a party of Provincials at that place, and that they were attacked by the Provincials, and obliged to retreat; and that General Gage was marching out to cover their retreat; that numbers were killed on both sides. Indeed, our accounts are so various, we know not what to rely on. We therefore have despatched Mr˙ David Trumbull, the son of Governour Trumbull, with orders to proceed to such place as he shall find you at, and get such intelligence as may be depended on, that we may know how to concert the measures necessary and best for us to take.

We shall anxiously expect to hear from you, and hope to have such intelligence as you may judge necessary to give us, by the return of Mr˙ Trumbull.

We are, with anxious prayers for your safety, and a happy event of this most disagreeable contest, gentlemen, your most humble servants,


To the Honourable John Hancock, Esquire, President of the Provincial Congress of the Massachusetts-Bay. Per Mr˙ Trumbull.

P˙S. We hope despatches will be immediately sent off from you, with most authentick accounts of the late transactions, to forestall such exaggerated accounts as may go from the Army and Navy; it may prevent harsh measures, and strengthen the hands of our friends in Britain. We hint this step, and dare say no hints, however free, at such a time this, will be taken amiss.