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Robert Alexander and John Rogers chosen Delegates to the Continental Congress


Saturday, December 9, 1775.

Convention met. All Members present as on yesterday.

The Proceedings of yesterday were read.

On motion, Resolved, That a Committee be appointed to examine the several Claims upon the Treasury, and report the same to the Convention; and Mr˙ Contee, Mr˙ Sim, Mr˙ Earle, Mr˙ Hooe, Mr˙ Moale, and Mr˙ Tolley, were elected by ballot to be the said Committee.

Resolved, That they, or any four of them, have power to act.

Resolved, That the several returns of subscriptions for Arms and Ammunition, within this Province, be referred to the said Committee.

Mr˙ Peter Waters, a Member for Somerset County, appeared and took his seat in the House.

The House taking into their consideration, that this Province, by means of the necessary attendance of some of its Deputies now in Convention, is at present unrepresented in Congress, directed the President to know of Mr˙ John Hall, whether it was convenient for him to attend in Congress; and Mr˙ Hall having signified that it was very inconvenient to him at this time, and that it was his wish, that some other gentleman might be appointed in his stead, and it being represented that Mr˙ Robert Goldsborough, through long indisposition, is at present unable to attend that service, it is, therefore,

Resolved, That, in the present critical and dangerous situation of the United Colonies, it is highly necessary that three Deputies from this Province do immediately attend in Congress, now sitting at Philadelphia; and that for this purpose, two gentlemen be now appointed, and added to the number of Deputies already chosen; and Robert Alexander and John Rogers, Esq˙, were elected by ballot.

Resolved, That Robert Alexander and John Rogers, Esquires, together with those already chosen, be Deputies to represent this Province in the Continental Congress; and that the said Deputies, or any three or more of them, have full and ample power to consent and agree to all measures which such Congress shall deem necessary and effectual to obtain a redress of American grievances, and be authorized to represent and act for this Province in any Continental Congress which may be held before the 25th day of March next.

Adjourned till three o' clock.


Post Meridiem.—Convention met. Mr˙ John Ennals and Mr˙ James Murray, Members for Dorchester County, Mr˙ William Adams and Mr˙ John Adams, Members for Somerset County, and Mr˙ Aquila Hall, a Member for Harford County, appeared and tqok their seats in the House.

On motion, Resolved, That the Deputies from this Province to the Continental Congress, be each allowed the sum of fifteen Pounds, common money, per week, during their attendance in Congress.

Convention adjourns till Monday morning, half after nine o' clock.