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Memorial of the Chevalier d' Antignac to the Continental Congress



[Read October 16, 1776. Referred to the Board of War.]

To the honourable the Delegates from the STATES OF AMERICA in Congress assembled:

The Memorial of the Chevalier D' ANTIGNAC humbly showeth:

That your memorialist takes the liberty of offering his services for raising a regiment of Light-Horse. No military person is ignorant of the utility of such troops, either for a coup-de-main, for obtaining intelligence, or for surprising an enemy ; in short an army unprovided of such troops must be exposed to many hazards and inconveniences. The knowledge I have in this part of the service induces me to make the following proposal to the honourable Congress;


and if they will place so much confidence in me, I flatter myself my conduct will be approved of. Should it be agreeable to the honourable Congress to raise a regiment of Light-Horse, I will undertake to teach the men to ride, exercise and perform all the necessary evolutions in three months; or should a regiment not be approved of at present, I will undertake to do the same with a company of fifty men, flattering myself the Congress will honour me with the rank of Colonel.

I have had the honour of serving in the King of France' s First Company of Musketeers, and it is well known that the King frequently grants regiments to those musketeers who can afford the expense, as that corps consists of the first nobility. But my circumstances did not permit me to arrive at that honour, as supporting the rank of a Colonel in France is attended with a heavy expense; but he can supply what is requisite in this country.

It is not from an interested motive that your memorialist is come into America, but from a principle of honour and liberty; therefore does not desire any pay till he has proved himself worthy the esteem of the honourable Congress, but will serve the campaign at his own expense, rank being all he is ambitious of.

All which is humbly submitted to the consideration of the honourable Congress.

CHAMBARON, Chevalier d' Antignac.