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Captain Wickes to the Committee of Secret Correspondence



Quiberoon Bay, 13th December, 1776.

GENTLEMEN: I take this opportunity to inform you of my safe arrival in twenty-nine days, as from Cape Henlopen, at Quiberoon Bay, where I landed Doctor Franklin and his suite in good health. He has been very kindly received in France, as I am informed, but had no letter from him as yet, but expect one every hour.

We have taken two prizes on our passage, both small brigs, one from Bordeaux, loaded with fifteen thousand pipe and barrel staves, thirty-five hogsheads claret, bound for Cork; the other from Rochefort, loaded with four thousand bushels flax-seed and sixty-three hogsheads Cogniack brandy, bound for Hull. I have no doubt but we shall be allowed to sell our prizes here, as there has been ten or a dozen merchants on board to purchase the two prizes now in my possession.

We have been detained here this fifteen days, waiting a wind to proceed to Nantes, and I am in hopes of getting there soon, where I shall be able to give you a more full and satisfactory account of my reception and proceeding. I am informed that there is now sixteen sail line-of-battle ships and ten frigates manned and fitted at Brest, ready for sea, but cannot learn their destination. They also inform me they are now fitting a large fleet of ships in England, but don' t hear of any more soldiers raising for the American service. I can form no idea yet of my future proceedings, as I shall proceed according to the information I may hereafter receive; but shall take particular care to give the earliest information of every thing in my power. It is reported that Captain Anderson is arrived at Nantz, in the ship Success, from Philadelphia. Our people is all well and in good spirits.

From, gentlemen, your most obliged, humble servant,


To the honourable Committee of Secret Correspondence at Philadelphia.