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Chairman of the General Committee at Charlestown


February 24, 1775.

A Letter and sundry other Papers, from the Parish of St˙ John' s, in Georgia, (as above) was read, and maturely considered.

But the Committee being determined, in all cases, to adhere literally, as far as possible, to every Article of the Continental Association, could do no more in the present, than enter into the following Resolution, viz:

Resolved, That the Chairman be desired to write a proper Letter to the Committee of the Parish of St˙ John, in Georgia, assuring them of the high sense we have of their arduous struggles in favour of the common cause of America, and that we sincerely lament their present unhappy situation; but that, as the said Parish, being a part of the Colony of Georgia, in our opinion, falls under the fourteenth Article of the General Association, so we apprehend that it is not in our power to give them the relief they desire; and we can only recommend that they will persevere in their laudable exertions, and lay a state of their case before the ensuing Continental Congress, making no doubt that it will by them be properly considered.

Ordered, That the Secretary do furnish the Deputies from St˙ John' s with copies of all the Proceedings of this Committee, relative to the Colony of Georgia.