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New-York Committee


The Committee met, by adjournment, Monday, 15th May, 1775. Present:

Isaac Low,
P˙V˙B, Livingston,
Alex˙ McDougall,
Leonard Lispenard,
John Broome,
Joseph Hallett,
Gabriel H˙ Ludlow,
Peter Vam Schaack,
Henry Remsen,
Peter T˙Curtenius,
Abraham Brasher,
Abraham P˙ Lott,
Joseph Bull,
Thomas Ivers,
Hercules Mulligan,
John Anthony,
John White,
Theophilus Anthony,
William Goforth,
William Denning,
William W˙ Gilbert,
John Berrian,
Gabriel W˙ Ludlow,
Edward Fleming,
John De Lancey,
Frederick Jay,
William W˙ Ludlow,
Lancaster Burling,
John Lusher,
George Janeway,
James Beekman,
Samuel Verplanck,
Richard Yates,
David Clarkson,
Gerret Ketletas,
Cornelius Clopper,
John Reade,
J˙ Van Cortlandt,
Jacobus Van Zandt,
Gerardus Duyckinck,
John Marston,
Hamilton Young,
Abram˙ Brinkerhoff,
Benjamin Helme,
David Beekman,
Evert Banker,
Robert Ray,
Nicholas Bogart,
William Laight,
Daniel Phenix,
John Iinlay.

A Letter, dated Philadelphia, 13th May, 1775, from John Lamb, received and read.

Mr˙ P˙V˙B˙ Livingston, from the Committee of Correspondence reported and read, the draft of an Answer to


a Letter, dated Tryon County, 19th April, 1775: also an Answer to one received from Thomas Barclay, dated Philadelphia, May 11th, 1775, which being approved of,

Ordered, That the same be forwarded.

Mr˙ Remsen moved, seconded by Mr˙ Laight, in the words following:

Whereas the inhabitants of this City have reposed a trust of great importance in this Committee, which we are bound, in Honour to discharge with fidelity; and as the purposes of our appointment may in a great measure be defeated unless the members are in a situation to be assembled on sudden emergencies; I therefore move that it be

Resolved, That no member do absent himself out of Town longer than forty-eight hours at a time, without leave first obtained from the Committee, or from the Chairman; and that every member be served with a copy of this Resolve.