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Letter from Dr. Franklin to General Schuyler



Philadelphia, March 11, 1776.

SIR: The Congress have appointed three Commissioners to go to Canada, of which number I have the honour to be one. We purpose setting out one day this week. I take the liberty of mentioning this, as possibly a little previous notice may enable you more easily to make any preparation you shall judge necessary to facilitate and expedite our journey, which I am sure you will be kindly disposed to do for us.

A friend with us will make our company four, besides our servants. We shall either go in carriages directly to, Albany, or by water, if the river is open, from New-York.

Hoping soon for the pleasure of seeing you, I now only add that I am, with the sincerest respect and esteem, sir, &c.


To General Schuyler.

P˙ S˙ The bearer, M˙ La Jennesse, has been considered by the Congress as a friend to the American cause, and he is recommended to your protection on his return to Canada.

B˙ F.