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President directed to thank the Committee of Charlestown


The Congress taking into consideration the Letter from the Committee of Intelligence of Charlestown, the Remonstrances of Benjamin Boote and John Dunn, and the Petitions of Frances Dunn and Dorothy Boote, and the several Papers relative thereto:

Resolved, That the President of the Congress, by Letters addressed to the Committee of Intelligence of South-Carolina, thank them for their friendly interposition in behalf of this Province, by receiving and securing the persons of John Dunn and Benjamin Boote, thereby disappointing the endeavours of those men to defeat the American Association, in support of their just rights and privileges; and requesting of the said Committee to detain the


persons of the said Dunn and Boote within that Province, till the inhabitants of North-Carolina, by their Delegates, again meet in Convention, or till they make such recantation of their principles as shall be satisfactory to the Committee of Charlestown: that this Province will on a similar occasion be ready to render a similar service to their worthy neighbours of the South Province. In the mean time that they pledge the credit of this Province to reimburse the expenses which they may be at by reason of such detention; and express at the same time that we have the fullest confidence, that the same humanity which has distinguished the proceedings of that Province, will actuate them in this instance.

Resolved, That no person whatsoever, charged as being an enemy to the American cause, shall be carried out of this Province privately, or by any act of violence, except by the directions of a Committee duly empowered to take cognizance of the offence with which they are charged, and who shall, upon fair and candid hearing thereupon, think such measures prudent, just and necessary; but as the particular circumstances which attended the seizure of Boote and Dunn, rendered a previous application altogether impracticable to any Committee appointed, for the purpose of examination, we acknowledge ourselves under the greatest obligations to the persons who have rendered the signal service to this Province, of removing from amongst them men who were exerting their utmost endeavours to defeat the attempts of the virtuous inhabitants of this Province to preserve inviolate the rights of the British Constitution.

Ordered, That William Hill, William Gray and Zedekiah Stone be added, to the Committee of Conference.

The Congress adjourned till to-morrow morning, nine o' clock.