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Whereas the Court of General Sessions of the Peace, and Inferior Court of Common Pleas, for the County of Barnstable, according to the time appointed by law, should be holden in Barnstable, in the said County, on the first Tuesday of April next: And whereas sundry of the Justices and officers of the said Courts are members of this Court, which is like to continue sitting beyond the time appointed for holding said Courts; and it is probable that matters of great importance may require the attendance of all the members of this Court at that time:

Therefore Resolved, That the said Courts be, and hereby are, adjourned to the last Tuesday of June next, being the time at which the Inferior Court of Common Pleas and Court of General Sessions of the Peace, for the said County, are by law appointed to be holden at Barnstable aforesaid; and that all pleas, processes, writs, actions, and suite, issued, or to be issued, complaints, precepts, recognisances, and all other things and matters returnable and having, and that should have had day in the said Courts if the same were holden the said first Tuesday of April next, shall be returnable and have day in the said Courts on the said hist Tuesday of June next, and shall abide and continue unto that time, and shall then be proceeded on, heard, and determined, to all intents and purposes as effectually as if the said Court should have been held on the said first Tuesday of April next.