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Letter from Governour Martin to Colonel James Cotton


"Cruiser Sloop-of-War, Cape-Fear River, July 21, 1775.

"SIR: I have received your letter of the fifteenth instant by Mr˙ Cunningham, and highly approve your proper and spirited conduct, while I cannot sufficiently express my indignation and contempt of the proceedings of Captain-General Spencer and his unworthy confederates.

"You, and the other friends of Government, have only to stand your ground firmly, and unite against the seditious as they do against you, in firm assurance that you will be soon and effectually supported. I wait here to forward the purposes of the friends of Government, or I would have been among you. At a proper season you may depend I


shall render myself among you, and in the mean time let nothing discourage you.

"The spirit of rebellion has lately received a most severe check in New-England, and I have not the least doubt that all that country is, by this time, entirely reduced by His Majesty' s Army, which, by my latest advices, was carrying on its operations with the utmost vigour.

"Major Snead may be assured of my attention to all his wishes at a proper time.

"I beg my compliments may be presented to Colonel McDonald; and am, Sir, your most humble servant,


"Lieutenant-Colonel James Cotton, Anson County."