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New-Jersey Committee of Safety, Resolution


This Committee received several Resolutions and determinations of the Continental Congress, respecting raising one new Battalion in this Province; erecting and establishing a Court of Admiralty; advising the forming some useful regulations respecting the Continental forces raised in this Colony; which requisitions, together with many other important concerns, render the speedy meeting of the Congress of this Province absolutely necessary. This Committee have, therefore, appointed the meeting of said Congress to be at New-Brunswick, on Wednesday, the thirty-first day of this instant, (January.)

The Letter from Lord Stirling, recommending Matthias Halstead to be commissioned First Lieutenant, and Yelles Mead Ensign, in Captain Joseph Meeker' s Company; in one of the Battalions raised in this Colony; and the Memorial of Yelles Mead, claiming the First Lieutenant' s commission in said Company, and of George Ross, the third, claiming the Ensign' s commission in said Company,


with several recommendations accompanying the same, were all read the second time; and, being duly considered,

Ordered, That Yelles Mead be commissioned First Lieutenant, and George Ross, the third, Ensign of said Company.

A Memorial was presented from John Goldtrap, of the County of Somerset, recommending the encouraging of Linen and Woollen Manufactories in this Colony, was read and referred to the next meeting of Congress.

Several Memorials were presented to this Committee, for appointments in a Battalion to be raised in this Colony; which were read and filed, to be taken into consideration at the meeting of Congress.

Adjourned till to-morrow morning, at nine o' clock.