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Committee on a Letter from General Washington


Ordered, That Mr˙ Pickering, Mr˙ Spear, and Mr˙ Phillips, be a Committee to examine a number of Letters this day laid before the Congress, brought from London by Captain Folger.

Resolved, That it be, and it hereby is ordered, that the Committee of Supplies immediately furnish General Washington with ten good Horses, with saddles and bridles, for the publick use.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Batchelder count and sort the votes for a person to attend General Lee, on an interview with General Burgoyne.

Mr˙ Batchelder having attended that service, reported that Mr˙ Elbridge Gerry was chosen.

Ordered, That Colonel Porter, Doctor Taylor, and Major Brooks, be a Committee, whose business it shall be, in conjunction with the Committee of Safety, to make thorough inquiry into the subject-matter of a Letter this day received from General Washington; and that the Committee be directed to confer with General Washington on the subject of his Letter, and particularly to inform him of the number of men we had generally estimated in the Massachusetts Forces, from the return of the General Officers; from the money paid out of the Treasury for a month' s advance pay to the soldiers; and from the provision made for billeting the said Forces.