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Committee to Inquire into the State of the Treasury


Friday, January 12, 1776.

A Petition of Joseph Pearse Palmer, setting forth, that he officiated solely in the capacity of Quartermaster-General from May 1st to August 14th, and praying to be reimbursed the expenses he was at during that time, agreeable to an Account annexed.

Read, and committed to Deacon Stickney, Mr˙ Jewett, of Littleton, and Major Smith.

Ordered, That Major Fuller, Deacon Stickney, and Colonel Howe, be a Committee to inquire into the state of the Treasury, and report what money there now is, or is likely to be therein in two or three days.


Ordered, That a message go to the honourable Board, to inquire if they have any matter to send down that requires an immediate attention of the House.

Jabez Fisher, Esq˙, came down and informed the House that the Board do not expect to send any Messenger down this forenoon.

A Petition of the Selectmen of Watertown, praying to be reimbursed the expense of mounting eight pieces of Cannon that were brought out from Boston in October last. Read, and committed to the Committee on Accounts.


Moses Gill, Esq˙, brought down a Letter from Mr˙ Timothy Parsons, dated Pownalborough, January 2, 1776, relative to the conduct and behaviour of one Baker and one White there, and praying that something may be done by the Court for the peace of the town, with the following Vote of Council thereon, viz:

In, Council, January 12, 1776: Read, and committed to the Committee on the Petition of Majabigwaduce.

Read, and concurred.

Jedediah Foster, Esq˙, brought down the Militia Bill, with a vote of Council proposing amendments therein.

The House considered the Report of the Committee appointed to consider a Plan for fitting out Armed Vessels, &c.

Whereupon, Ordered, That the Report be recommitted, and the Committee are directed to report an estimate of the expenses of building and furnishing the Vessels therein proposed to be provided.

John Whetcomb, Esq˙, brought down the Report of the Committee of both Houses on the two Petitions of the Selectmen of the Town of Dorchester.

In Council, January 12, 1776: Read, and accepted.

John Whetcomb, Esq˙, at the same time brought down a Deposition of Ebenezer and James Goodel.

The House then adjourned to nine o' clock, to-morrow morning.