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Petition of Abiel Wood, of Pownalborough


A Petition of Abiel Wood, of Pownalborough, humbly showeth, that your petitioner is accused of many things as inimical to his country, and the cause of liberty, by the Committee of Pownalborough; and, the honourable


Court' s Committee have ordered that depositions respecting the mailer may be taken, and a Committee appointed to hear your petitioner' s defence, to which report the honourable House have non-concurred; and prayed that your petitioner may be secured for further trial. Your petitioner prays, that the honourable Court would appoint a Committee to hear your petitioner' s defence, to do with him as in their great wisdom may see fit, on whose clemency and mercy he desires wholly to rely, and make all the satisfaction in his power, they shall require for every offence he may be guilty of. And as your petitioner is sensible, not-withstanding any imprudences he hath been guilty of, through inadvertency or peculiar circumstances, yet, your petitioner hath the good and interest of his country, and the cause of liberty, truly at heart, and wishes he may make it manifest to his country, by his future conduct. Your petitioner further declares, he will not leave or depart the place without orders from the honourable Court, and prays no further orders may issue until he hath an opportunity to make his defence.

In Council: Read, and ordered to be committed to the Committee of both Houses, appointed to consider anew the Petition of the Committee of Inspection for the East part of the Town of Pownalborough,

In the House of Representatives: Read, and concurred.