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Meeting of the Governour and Committee of War for Connecticut


Monday, June 19, 1775, A˙ M˙

Met according to adjournment.

On motion,Agreed and Voted, That Mr˙ Bissell, Commissary, send down to our Army all the Cloth he has for Tents, being sufficient for forty; and that Captain Trumbull, General Commissary, procure the rest on the place, and get them all made by some of the poor tent-makers escaped from Boston, i˙ e˙ enough to supply General Putnam' s Regiment.

It was moved and represented that the colour of blue, being ordered for the Standard of our Second Regiment, cannot be obtained, &c.

Voted, That the colour of green be substituted in its stead.

A Letter in answer to Colonel Wolcott and Mr˙ Strong, of Litc/ifield, relating to supplying Colonel Hinman' s Regiment at Ticonderoga, prepared and approved.

A Letter in answer to Letter of Colonel Hinman, proposed and approved.

And the same to Colonel Arnold at Crown Point.

It was moved and represented that it would be a saving of expense, and more healthy and agreeable to our Soldiers near Boston, to be supplied with more fresh, and less salt Provisions, &c˙, and on consideration, it was agreed and ordered that they be furnished with fresh Beef three days per week, instead of two.

The manner of furnishing them with Beef is referred to the discretion of the proper officers.

And also of Soap, &c.

Moved, That some order be taken concerning a Company of Soldiers of this Colony now at the camp near Boston, under the command of Captain John Perritt, which is a supernumerary company, not raised by, or under the establishment of the Colony.

Whereupon this Council, taking into consideration the circumstances of said Captain and Company:

Do Resolve and Order, That said Captain and Company continue, and be improved in the common service there, under such regulations as shall be made by the proper officers of the Army; and that they be supplied in the same manner as the other Connecticut, Troops, until the General Assembly of this Colony shall have opportunity to consider and give further, or other orders concerning them. And that in the mean time it be recornmended that they be entitled to receive the same pay and allowance, as the other Soldiers of this Colony.

This order to take place unless the General and other


proper officers of our Troops shall judge their continuance in said service unnecessary.

On motion, of the difficulties the Army are and must be under for want of a General and Commander-in-Chief of the whole body raised by different Colonies, &c˙, and a due subordination, on consideration, &c.,

Voted, That his Honour the Governour be advised to give orders to our Officers and Soldiers to be subordinate and yield obedience to the General and Commanding Officer of the Troops of the Massachusetts-Bay, while they act in that Province, and until the Governour, with advice, shall see fit to order otherwise.

A Resolve of the Congress of New-York, requesting General Wooster' s Regiment, and Colonel Waterbury' s, to march within five miles of the City of New-York, (they expecting Troops from Great Britain, &c.:)

Voted and Ordered, On consideration thereof, and of General Wooster' s request for direction, both laid before this Board, viz: that said General, with seven of his Companies, and all Colonel Waterbury' s Regiment, march to within five miles of the City of New-York, and into the City, if properly requested; and their conduct be under the direction of the Continental Congress, and of the Congress of the said Province of New-York, unless and until he shall receive other and different orders.

Voted and Ordered, That two Companies of the said General Wooster' s Regiment march to New-London, and be stationed there, instead of Colonel Parsons' s Regiment, ordered to be removed from thence.

Adjourned till to-morrow morning at nine o' clock.



* The news of the Charlestown engagement arrived here last night, about ten o' clock.