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Town-Meeting, Upper Freehold, (Monmouth County) New-Jersey



Monmouth County, Upper Freehold, May 4, 1775.

This day, agreeable to previous notice, a very considerable number of the principal inhabitants of this Township met at Imlay' s Town:

JOHN LAWRENCE, Esquire, in the Chair.

When the following Resolves were unanimously agreed to:

Resolved, That it is our first wish to live in union with Great Britain, agreeable to the principles of the Constitution;


that we consider the unnatural civil war which we are about to be forced into, with anxiety and distress; but that we are determined to oppose the novel claim of the Parliament of Great Britain to raise a revenue in America, and risk every possible consequence rather than submit to it.

Resolved, That it appears to this meeting that there are a sufficient number of Arms for the people.

Resolved, That a sum of money be now raised to purchase what further quantity of Powder and Ball may be necessary; and it is recommended that every man capable of bearing arms enter into Companies to train, and be prepared to march at a minute' s warning; and it is further recommended to the people that they do not waste their Powder in fowling or hunting.

A subscription was then opened, and One Hundred and Sixty Pounds instantly paid into the hands of a person appointed for that purpose. The Officers of four Companies were then chosen, and the meeting broke up in perfect unanimity.