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Lyman Hall Admitted as a Delegate


Mr˙ Lyman Hall being accordingly admitted, produced his Credentials, which were read and approved, and are as follow:

"To the Honourable Gentlemen of the Congress designed to be held at PHILADELPHIA, on MAY, A˙ D. 1775:

"The Address of the Inhabitants of the Parish of ST˙ JOHN' S, in the Province of GEORGIA.

"GENTLEMEN: To give a particular detail of our many struggles in the cause of liberty, the many meetings thereby occasioned and held in this Parish, the endeavours we have used to induce the rest of this Province to concur with us, the attendance of our Committee on the Provincial Conventions, held at Savannah, in this Province, and particularly that of the eighteenth of January last, with their proceedings, and the reasons of our dissent from them, we think would be tedious to you, and therefore send a summary abstract, which, with the account that may be given by Lyman Hall, esq˙, appointed a Delegate to represent and act for this Parish in the General Continental Congress, to be held in May next, and the testimonies of the honourable Delegates from South-Carolina, we hope will be satisfactory.

"Immediately upon our being honoured with an answer to the representation of our case transmitted to the honourable


Congress which sat at Philadelphia last year, with a copy of the Association there entered into, we had a meeting, and our proceedings then and since that time will in brief appear, from the following abstracts of an Address from this Parish to the Committee of Correspondence in Charlestown, South-Carolina, which are as follow: