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Connecticut Assembly



Anno Regni Regis Georgii Tertii 15to, 1775.

At a General Assembly of the Governour and Company of the English Colony of Connecticut, in New-England, in America, holden at New-Haven, in said Colony, on the second Thursday of October, being the eleventh day of said month, and continued by several adjournments to the twenty-fifth day of the same month, Annoq˙ Domini 1775. Present:

The Honourable Jonathan Trumbull, Esq˙, Governour, Jabez Hamlin, Elisha Sheldon, Jabez Huntington, William Pitkin, Abraham Davenport, William Samuel Johnson, Oliver Wolcott, Samuel Huntington, Esquires, Assistants.

Representatives or Deputies of the Freemen of the several Towns, are as follow, viz:

HARTFORD. — Colonel John Pitkin, Mr˙ Benj˙ Payne.

FARMINGTON. — Colonel Isaac Lee, Colonel Fisher Gay.

SUFFIELD. — Captain Abraham Granger, Captain John Harman.

COLCHESTER. — Mr˙ Daniel Foot, Capt˙ Peter Bulkley.

EAST-WINDSOR. — Colonel Erastus Wolcott, Mr˙ Benoni Olcott.

WEATHERSFIELD. — Colonel Thomas Belden.

SIMSBURY, — Mr˙ Judah Holcomb, Mr˙ Elisha Graham.

EAST-HADDAM. — Mr˙ Daniel Brainard, Mr˙ Jabez Chapman.

STAFFORD. — Capt˙ Isaac Pinney, Capt˙ Samuel Davis.

HADDAM. — Capt˙ Joseph Brooks, Mr˙ Joseph Smith.

HEBRON. — Capt˙ Benjamin Buell, Mr˙ Samuel Gilbert.

WILLINGTON. — Major Elijah Fenton, Mr˙ Caleb Holt.

BOLTON. — Mr˙ Benjamin Trumbull, Mr˙ Seth King.

TOLLAND. — Mr˙ Ichabod Greggs, Captain James Chamberlin.

ENFIELD. — Maj˙ Nathaniel Terry, Mr˙ Nathaniel Chapin.

SOMERS. — Mr˙ Hezekiah Spencer, Mr˙ Reuben Sikes.

MIDDLETOWN. — Mr˙ Titus Hosmer, Doctor John Dickenson.

WINDSOR. — Major Roger Newbury, Capt˙ Henry Allyn.

GLASTENBURY. — Capt˙ Jonathan Wells, Mr˙ Elijah Holister.

CHATHAM. — Mr˙ David Sage, Mr˙ Ebenezer White.

NEW-HAVEN. — Mr˙ Samuel Bishop, Mr˙ Jonathan Fitch.

DURHAM. — Colonel James Wadsworth, Jun˙, Mr˙ Daniel Hall.

WATERBURY. — Mr˙ Joseph Hopkins, Capt˙ Ezra Brimson.

MILFORD. — Mr˙ Ephraim Strong, Mr˙ Isaac Mills.

GUILFORD. — Mr˙ John Burgess, Mr˙ Samuel Brown.

DERBY. — Captain John Holbrook.

BRANFORD. — Capt˙ Edward Russell, Mr˙ Daniel Page.

WALLINGFORD. — Mr˙ Samuel Beach, Mr˙ Oliver Stanly.

NEW-LONDON. — Mr˙ Richard Law, Mr˙ William Hilhouse.

NORWICH. — Mr˙ Benjamin Huntington, Mr˙ Isaac Tracy.

KILLINGWORTH, — Mr˙ Elnathan Stevens, Mr˙ Hezekiah Lane.

SAYBROOK. — Captain Benjamin Williams, Captain Justus Buck.

LYME. — Major Samuel Selden, Mr˙ John Lay, 2d.

STONINGTON. — Mr˙ Nathaniel Minor, Captain William Williams.

GROTON. — Mr˙ Thomas Mumford, Mr˙ Nathan Gallop.

PRESTON. — Capt˙ William Witter, Capt˙ Joseph Tyler.

FAIRFIELD. — Mr˙ Jonathan Sturgess, Mr˙ Thaddeus Burr.

STRATFORD. — Captain Robert Fairchild, Colonel Ichabod Lewis.

STAMFORD. — Mr˙ Benjamin Weed, Mr˙ Thomas Young.

NORWALK. — Colonel Thomas Fitch, Doctor Thaddeus Betts.

GREENWICH. — Colonel John Mead.

RIDGEFIELD. — -Mr˙ Samuel Olmstead, Colonel Philip B˙ Bradley.

DANBURY. — Captain Daniel Starr.

NEW-FAIRFIELD. — Mr˙ Alexander Stewart, Captain Dan Towner.

REDDING. — Mr˙ Lemuel Sanford, Mr˙ William Hawley.

WINDHAM. — Mr˙ Samuel Webb, Mr˙ Ebenezer Devotion.

LEBANON. — Colonel William Williams.


CANTERBURY. — Colonel Jabez Fitch, Captain Ebenezer Bacon.

COVENTRY. — Captain Ebenezer Kingsbury, Mr˙ Jeremiah Ripley.

PLAINFIELD. — Mr˙ William Robinson, Mr˙ Joshua Dunlap.

POMFRET. — Colonel Ebenezer Williams.

ASHFORD. — Captain Benjamin Sumner, Mr˙ Ezra Smith.

KILLINGLY. — Mr˙ Simeon Learned, Mr˙ Benjamin Leavins.

MANSFIELD. — Mr˙ Benjamin Chaplin, Captain Amariah Williams.

WOODSTOCK. — Captain Elisha Child, Capt˙ Samuel McClellan.

VOLUNTOWN. — Mr˙ James Gordon, Mr˙ Robert Hunter.

LITCHFIELD. — Mr˙ Abraham Bradley.

WOODBURY. — Mr˙ Daniel Sherman, Captain Increase Moseley.

TORRINGTON. — Mr˙ John Cook.

SHARON. — Mr˙ John Canfield, Mr˙ Caleb Jewett.

GOSHEN. — Col˙ Ebenezer Norton, Mr˙ David Thompson.

CANAAN. — Capt˙ Samuel Forbes, Mr˙ Asahel Bebee.

NEW-MILFORD. — Major Samuel Canfield, Capt˙ Sherman Boardman.

CORNWALL. — Mr˙ Edward Rogers, Mr˙ John Pearce.

NEW-HARTFORD. — Mr˙ Abel Merrill, Capt˙ Seth Smith.

KENT. — Capt˙ Jethro Hatch, Capt˙ Justus Sacked.

HARWINTON. — Mr˙ Josiah Phelps, Capt˙ John Wilson.

WESTMORELAND. — Col˙ Zebulon Butler, Major Ezekiel Pearce.

SALISBURY. — Capt˙ Abiel Camp, Capt˙ James Bird.

William Williams, Esq˙, Speaker of the House of Representatives; Richard Law, Esq˙, Clerk.

Resolved by this Assembly, That an Embargo he forthwith laid upon the exportation out of this Colony, by water, of the following articles of Provision, viz: Wheat, Rye, Indian Corn, Pork, Beef, Live Cattle, Peas and Beans, Butter, Cheese, Bread, Flour, and every kind of Meat, except necessary stores for Vessels bound to sea; and that his Honour the Governour be, and he is hereby desired to issue a Proclamation laying such Embargo, and prohibiting the exportation of such Provisions accordingly; such Embargo to continue till the first day of June next: provided, nevertheless, that his Honour the Governour be, and he is hereby empowered and fully authorized to grant Permits for the exportation out of this Colony, by water, of Live Cattle and Provisions, in such cases, and to such ports and places, as he shall judge necessary and expedient for the publick service: provided, also, that his Honour the Governour, by and with the advice of the Council, may discontinue the Embargo, in whole or in part, at any time when they shall judge it expedient.

This Assembly being informed that certain questions and disputes have arose amongst the Troops lately raised by this Colony, and sent into the Colony of New-York, and such as are now employed against the Ministerial Forces in Canada; which disputes, unless prevented, may be attended with unhappy consequences:

Therefore, it is hereby Resolved by this Assembly, That all the Troops which have been lately raised by this Colony, for the special defence thereof, and sent into the Colony of New-York, and all such as are now employed against the Ministerial Troops in Canada, are and shall be subject to the Rules, Orders, Regulations, and Discipline of the Congress of the Twelve United Colonies, during the time of their enlistment.

Resolved by this Assembly, That Roger Sherman, Oliver Wolcott, Samuel Huntington, Titus Hosmer, and William Williams, Esquires, be, and they are hereby appointed Delegates to represent this Colony at the General Congress of the United Colonies in America, for the year ensuing, and until others be chosen; that is to say: the said Roger Sherman, Oliver Wolcott, and Samuel Huntington, Esquires, do attend said Congress; and, on the failure of either of the said gentlemen, by sickness or otherwise, then the said Titus Hosmer or William Williams, Esquires, are to supply the place or places of any or either of the said three gentlemen first named, in such manner that three of said Delegates, and three only, do attend said Congress at any one time; and the said three Delegates, or any or either of them who shall be present in said Congress, are


hereby fully authorized and empowered to represent this Colony in said Congress, to consult, advise, and resolve, upon measures necessary to be taken and pursued for the defence, security, and preservation of the rights and liberties of the said United Colonies, and for their common safety; and of such their proceedings and resolves they do transmit authentick copies, from time to time, to the General Assembly of this Colony; that the said Delegates, now appointed, do repair to and take their seats in said Congress by the first day of January next, in case said Congress shall be then sitting, or as soon after as said Congress shall be convened; and that the said gentlemen who are now attending said Congress in behalf of this Colony, do continue in their said office until the gentlemen now chosen, and are directed to attend in manner aforesaid, shall arrive at said Congress.

Whereas the Committee appointed by this Assembly in May last, for the purpose of procuring three thousand stand of Arms for the use of this Colony, &c˙, have now represented to this Assembly that they have proceeded in said business, and procured a considerable number of said Arms to be made in this Colony, which are now in the hands of said Committee; but, notwithstanding their utmost assiduity, have not been able to procure the whole number ordered by said Act, within the time therein limited:

Resolved by this Assembly, That the said Committee be directed, and they are hereby directed, to purchase and receive for the use of this Colony all the stands of Fire-Arms which shall be made and completed within this Colony, according to the direction of the aforesaid Act, and shall be delivered to said Committee at any time before the first day of May next; and the manufacturers of said Fire-Arms and Gun-Locks shall be entitled to and receive the same bounty as those are entitled to by said Act, who made and delivered to the Committee any Arms before the twentieth day of October instant, the time therein limited.