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Congress of Massachusetts to Continental Congress



[Read July 20, 1775 ]

In Provincial Congress, Watertown, July 9, 1775.

MAY IT PLEASE YOUR HONOURS: With hearts deeply affected by the sufferings of our friends in the Town and harbour of Boston under the cruel hand of tyrannick power, we think it incumbent on us to take every measure which may tend to their release. To that end we now beg leave humbly to suggest to your Honours, whether it would not be expedient immediately to seize every Crown Officer within the united Colonies, and them in safe custody retain, until this purpose be effected, and full compensation made them for the insult and perfidious treatment they have received from General Gage.

We have only once more to express our wishes, that if the general service will permit, you might adjourn to some convenient place nearer the seat of action, that we might more speedily obtain the aid and advice of the Grand Council of the Continent in those important matters which, though of general concern, do more immediately affect us.

We are, with great respect, your Honours' most obedient humble servant. In behalf and by order of Congress.

JAMES WARREN, President.

To the Honourable John Hancock, Esquire.