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Letter to Colonel Benedict Arnold


Letter to Colonel BENEDICT ARNOLD.

"SIR: This Congress have received yours of the 19th and 23d of May, ult., per Captain Brown and Captain Phelps, a copy of which has been sent to New-Hampshire. They highly approve of, and take great satisfaction in the acquisitions you have made at Ticonderoga, Crown Point, on the Lake, &c. As to the state you are in respecting men, provisions, &c˙, we have advices from Connecticut and New-York, that ample preparation is making, with the greatest despatch in those two Colonies, from whence you may depend on being seasonably supplied. They are sorry to meet with repeated requests from you, that some gentleman be sent to succeed you in command;


they assure you, that they place the greatest confidence in your fidelity, knowledge, courage, and good conduct, and they desire that you at present dismiss the thoughts of quitting your important command at Ticonderoga, Crown Point, Lake Champlain, &c˙; and you are hereby requested to continue your command over the forces raised by this Colony, posted at those several places, at least until the Colony of New-York or Connecticut shall take on them the maintaining and commanding the same agreeable to an order of the Continental Congress.

" To Colonel Benedict Arnold, Ticonderoga.

" P˙ S. We have just received intelligence, by a letter from Governour Trumbull, that the General Assembly have ordered a thousand men to march immediately to re-enforce the Army now at Crown Point, Ticonderoga, &c˙, as also five hundred pounds of powder, and also that each soldier is furnished with one pound of powder, &c. The Congress further advise that in case your present necessity requires it, you make use of the one hundred and sixty Pounds you found on board the sloop, for the service of this Colony, you accounting for the same to this or some other Congress, or House of Representatives of this Colony; and they hereby assure you that this Colony will repay it whenever it shall be ordered by the Continental Congress; and that you also complete the raising the number of four hundred men in the pay of this Colony, if you judge it necessary."