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Committee to Superintend


In Committee of Safety, April 19, 1776.

Present: James Biddle, Chairman, George Clymer, Owen Biddle, Daniel Roberdeau, Thomas Wharton, Jun˙, Joseph Parker, Samuel Howell, John Nixon.

By order of the Board Robert Towers, Commissary, was directed to deliver to Captain Thomas Forster, for the use of his Marine Company on board the Floating Battery, thirty Fire-locks, with twenty-three rounds of Cartridges.

The Sub-Committee appointed to consider what further defences are necessary for the River, agree in opinion that a Floating Battery, of a similar, or nearly similar construction with the one now in service, be immediately built, not doubting but the Committee, from their different contracts, will be speedily supplied with a sufficient number of suitable Cannon to mount thereon.

The Board, taking the above Report of the Sub-Committee into consideration, do resolve that a Floating Battery be immediately built, under the direction of Samuel Howell, Robert White, and George Clymer, a Committee hereby appointed for the purpose.


A Letter was this day written, by order of the Board, to Dr˙ Charles Burrell, of Germantown, acquainting him that Lieutenant Bogar and Mr˙ John Draper, two prisoners on their parole, were going to reside at Germantown, and that their allowance was fifteen Shillings each, per week, which would be paid by this Board.