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Rehoboth (Massachusetts) Town-Meeting



At a Town-Meeting of the inhabitants of the Town of Rehoboth, on the 10th day of July, 1775: Said Town hearing divers reports about the unfriendly conduct of sundry of the inhabitants of the Town of Swanzey, the Town of Rehoboth ordered the Committee of Inspection to go to Swanzey, and join their Committee, and inquire into the aforesaid reports; who accordingly went to Swanzey, and a number of the respectable inhabitants of Rehoboth, and also a number of the respectable inhabitants from sundry of the Towns in the Colony of Rhode-Island and Swanzey, met and attended with them. And the Committees of Rehoboth and Swanzey joined, and caused a number of the inhabitants of Swanzey to be convened before them, whose conduct was inquired of by witness; and a number of said inhabitants that were called appeared to be innocent, and a number more owned they had violated against the rules of the Congresses and promised reformation, whose names we spare. But what gives us pain is, that we ourselves cannot follow the rules of the Congresses without publishing the names of Jerathmeel Bowers, Esq˙, Charles Slead, and Gideon Sherman, to be persons that have acted contrary to the rules and directions of the Congresses, though not in matter of trade, and make no retraction thereof.

By order of the Committee: