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Resolution approving of the Continental Association


Wednesday, April 5, 1775.

The Convention met, according to adjournment.

Mr˙ Jonathan Hearring, one of the Delegates for Pasquotank County, and Mr˙ David Stanley, one of the Delegates for Bertie County, appeared, and took their seats in Convention.

The Association entered into by the General Congress at Philadelphia, on the 20th day of October, in the year of our Lord 1774, and signed by the Members thereof, was presented to this Convention by Colonel Richard Caswell, and, on motion, was ordered to be read, and was accordingly read.

Resolved, That this Convention do highly approve of the said Association, and do, for themselves, firmly agree to adhere to the said Association, and recommend it to their constituents that they likewise adhere firmly to the same. In full approbation and testimony whereof, the Members of this Convention subscribe their names.


Roger Ormond,
Thomas Benbury,
Joseph Jones,
Thomas Respess, Jun˙,
Thomas Hunter.
Jonathan Hearring,
William Salter,
Farquard Campbell,
Griffith Rutherford,
James White,
Richard Caswell,
William Sharp,
William Person,
Thomas Person,
Jeremiah Fraser,
Thomas Eaton,
Thomas Hicks,
John Hinton,
John Campbell,
John Penn,
Abner Nash,
John Johnston,
Memucan Hunt,
James Davis,
James Corr,
Willie Jones,
Joseph Hewes,
Lemuel Hatch,
Benjamin McCulloch,
Cornelius Harnett,
Jacob Blount,
Nicholas Long,
William Brown,
Richard Cogdell,
William Hooper,
John Simpson,
Joseph Leech,
John Ashe,
Edward Salter,
William Bryan,
Allen Jones,
James Gorham,
William Thompson,
Jeptha Atherton,
James Lanier,
Solomon Sheppard,
Thomas Burke,
John Webb,
Samuel Jarvis,
Francis Nash,
George Wynns,
Solomon Perkins,
Edward Starkey,
Alexander Martin,
Nathan Poyner,
Henry Rhodes,
David Stanley,
Samuel Johnston,
William Cray,
Green Hill,
Thomas Oldham,
Andrew Knox,
Robert Howe,
Thomas Jones,
Isaac Gregory,
Thomas Rutherford,

In consequence of the preceding Resolve, all the Members of the Convention subscribed their names at the table, except Mr˙ Thomas Macknight, who refused.

Resolved, That the conduct of William Hooper, Joseph Hewes, and Richard Caswell, Esquires, in the meeting of Delegates lately held at Philadelphia, was, in every particular, worthy of the sacred trust reposed in them; and that the Moderator do, in behalf of this Colony in general, and of this Convention in particular, return them those thanks which their faithful discharge of such an important trust so justly merits.

In consequence whereof, the Moderator returned them thanks in the manner following:

GENTLEMEN: The sacred trust reposed in you by your Country so faithfully discharged by you, does honour to yourselves, justifies the choice made of you by the last Convention, and places you in a situation to receive the best reward a patriotick breast can fill, the applause of your Country; who, in order to bear testimony of your merit, have directed me to convey to you their sincere thanks for the services you have, rendered them in the important office to which they appointed you. And it is with great pleasure I now, gentlemen, in behalf of this Colony in general, and of this Convention in particular, return you those thanks which have been so unanimously resolved by the Convention to be your due.

To which the Delegates returned the following Answer:

We, the Delegates appointed to represent this Province in the Continental Congress lately held at Philadelphia, beg leave to express a heartfelt gratitude for this publick testimonial which we have received from you of the approbation of our constituents of our conduct, in the most important transaction in which any member of society can have been engaged. With diffidence we undertook the sacred trust of being joined to a body of men appointed to be the guardians of the constitutional rights and privileges of British America. If we have executed that charge to


give satisfaction to the inhabitants of this Province, our actions meet the most ample reward that any member of it can experience. One motive in this important measure, viz: a sacred regard for the rights and privileges of British America, and an earnest wish to bring about a reconciliation with our Parent State, upon terms constitutional and honourable to both, have hitherto actuated us. Our earnest wishes are, that this Province, may virtuously adhere to the Resolves of the Continental Congress, as the means which will most probably bring about the end which all the friends to America most earnestly desire.

At the same time accept, Sir, our warmest acknowledgment for the polite manner in which you have thought fit to convey the sentiments of this truly respectable body.

On motion, Resolved, That the Instructions of the inhabitants of Perquimans County to their Delegates appointed to meet at this Convention, entered into on the 11th day of March last, be read; which were read accordingly. One of which said Instructions being, "That the thanks of the inhabitants of that County be given to William Hooper, Joseph Hewes, and Richard Caswell, Esquires, for their faithful and judicious discharge of the trust reposed in them at the late Continental Congress."

Pursuant to which, Colonel John Harvey, one of the Delegates for the said County, In the name of the Inhabitants thereof, gave their thanks to the gentlemen aforesaid.

To which the Delegates returned the following Answer:

Permit us, Sir, to express our sincere gratitude for this testimony of the approbation given, through you, by the inhabitants of the County of Perquimans, of the conduct of us the Delegates of this Province in the Continental Congress at Philadelphia. Actuated with a zeal, for the preservation of the constitutional liberties of America, and an earnest desire to bring about a reconciliation with the Mother Country, upon terms that may restore us to the fullest enjoyment of our just rights and privileges, and secure them to us in future from the encroachments of weak or wicked men, we signed our assent to the proceedings of Congress; and we could meet nothing more convincing of the propriety of our conduct in the measure, than that it obtains the approbation of the County of Perquimans.

To you, Sir, we beg leave to offer our tribute of thanks for the polite manner in which you have thought fit to convey the sense of that respectable body.

On motion, Resolved, That William Hooper, Joseph Hewes, and Richard Caswell, Esquires, be and they are hereby appointed Delegates to attend the General Congress to be held at Philadelphia, on the 10th day of May next, or at any other time and place that shall be appointed for that purpose. And they are hereby invested with such powers as may make any acts done by them, or any of them, or consent given, in behalf of this Province, obligatory in honour upon every inhabitant thereof.

The Convention adjourned till to-morrow morning, nine o' clock.