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Letter from General Washington to Jonathan Ginvet, directing him to libel the Prizes brought in by the Continental Armed Vessels



Cambridge, January 3, 1776.

SIR: You have annexed a copy of the resolves of the Continental Congress, respecting captures made, or to be made, by armed vessels, fitted out at the charge of the United Colonies, and others. In compliance with the resolution of the 20th ultimo, you must, on receipt hereof, libel such vessel as have been taken by the Lee, schooner, or any other of the Continental armed vessels, which may be now under your care, in the Court of Admiralty established in the Colony. You must use all your diligence, that the trial be brought to as speedy an issue as possible, in order that a distribution be made to the captors, conformable to the resolution of the 30th of November.

I am, sir, yours, &c.