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Governour Trumbull to New-York Congress



Hartford, May 27, A˙D˙ 1775.

GENTLEMEN: The General Assembly of this Colony, now sitting in this place, having received intelligence of the imminent danger of the people at Ticonderoga and Crown Point, by reason of a threatened attack from the Province of Quebeck, in a letter from Colonel Arnold, who, at present, commands there, of the 23d instant, a copy of which we send you enclosed, which may deprive the Colonies of those important posts, before the resolve of the Continental Congress respecting them could be carried


into execution in your Province; have, from the pressing and urgent necessity of the case, given orders that five hundred pounds of powder should be sent there, and that four companies of one hundred men each should march immediately for support and defence of the men there, and for the security and defence of the artillery and stores there, until they may be removed and secured agreeable to the resolve of the Continental Congress, or until relieved by your Province.

This Assembly acquiesce in the resolve of Congress, that puts the said fortresses under the direction of the Province of New-York; and in the steps they have now taken, would by no means be considered as invading the Province, or intermeddling with the service entrusted to the Province of New-York; but, as they first had the intelligence of their danger, and had Troops ready which might be spared for the present, they thought it their duty to provide against the present danger until you might be advised of their situation, and take such measures as your wisdom and prudence shall suggest for their safety and defence.

I am, in behalf of the General Assembly of Connecticut, with great truth and regard, gentlemen, your most obedient and humble servant,


The Honourable Provincial Congress of New-York.