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Samuel Johnston ordered to erect a Breastwork in Edenton, for the defence of the Town


Saturday, December 23, 1775.

The Council met, according to adjournment.


Resolved, That the Treasurers, or either of them, pay to Doctor James Geekie the sum of fifty pounds, to enable him to purchase Medicines for the use of the First Regiment of the Continental Troops in this Province; and that the said James Geekie account with the next Provincial Congress for the said sum, and that they be allowed in their accounts with the publick.

Resolved, That each of the Publick Treasurers be empowered to draw on the Continental Treasury for any sum, not exceeding ten thousand dollars each, towards defraying the expense of the Troops on the Continental establishment in this Province.

Sundry Resolves of the Continental Congress, respecting regulations and arrangements of the two Battalions of the Continental Army raised in this Province, being communicated to this Council by the Delegates of this Province in the said Congress,

Resolved, That copies of the said Resolves be delivered to the Colonels of the respective Battalions, and that it be recommended to them that they, with all convenient speed, call General Courts-Martial to form their respective Regiments, agreeably to the said Resolves.

And as the number of Captains, agreeably to the said Resolutions, must necessarily be reduced, this Council will recommend it to the Provincial Congress that, in case any of the said reduced Captains will act as Lieutenants in the service, an allowance be made them, out of the publick Treasury of this Province, sufficient to make their pay equal to a Captain' s, and to retain their rank. And, as on the said new arrangement there will be several vacancies of Ensigns, this Council recommend it to the Courts-Martial to encourage proper persons to fill such vacancies, to assist in recruiting their respective Regiments, which services will be considered by this Council, in filling up the said vacancies, in proportion to the number they shall respectively recruit.

It is further recommended to the Commanding Officers of the said Battalions, that they, as soon as may be, despatch proper officers on recruiting parties to the Western Counties of this Province, in order that their full complement of men may be completed with all despatch.

Resolved, That a sum not exceeding eighty pounds, Proclamation money, be applied by Samuel Johnston, Esq˙, Treasurer of the Northern District, for the purpose of erecting a Breastwork in the Town of Edenton, for the defence of the said Town; and that the said Treasurer be allowed the same on settling his accounts with the publick.

Resolved, That it be recommended to all friends to American freedom to purchase all the Powder, Saltpetre, and Sulphur in their power, for the use of the publick, and lodge the same with the several Town and County Committees in this Province; and that the said Committees appoint a proper person in each Town and County to take care of the above-mentioned articles, and taking receipts for the same, and to be paid for by the publick; and that a sum not exceeding half a dollar be given for Saltpetre.

The Council adjourned till to-morrow morning, nine o' clock.