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Letter from the New-Hampshire Committee of Safety to General Schuyler



In Committee of Safety, November 18, 1775.

SIR: The very interesting and pleasing account of the surrender of the fort at St˙ John' s is just arrived by express from Colonel Bedel; an event which we esteem highly favourable to the cause of American liberty, as well as honourable to the officers who directed the measures for obtaining that important post.

The troops from this Colony, commanded by Colonel Bedel, were, by advice of General Washington, offered to be joined to your Army, as a part of the number voted by the Continental Congress for that service. This Colony only paid them one month' s wages before their march. Colonel Bedel informs us they are very much distressed for the want of clothing in this severe season. We have sent him three hundred pounds, out of an inadequate sum reserved to send beyond the seas to purchase ammunition, which is all we can advance, unless in paper bills, which we understand have no currency in Canada. We therefore desire you will advance, if in your power, out of the Continental chest, what is absolutely necessary for their future subsistence and comfort while in the service; and this Colony will be always ready, with respect to that and all other matters, to acquiesce in and obey the resolutions of the Continental Congress.

In behalf of the Committee, I am, with great esteem, yours, &c.