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Charles County (Maryland) Committee



At a meeting of the Committee of Observation for Charles County, on Monday, the 26th February, 1776: Brigadier-General John Dent, Chairman, and John Gwinn, Clerk.


The following gentlemen are recommended as Officers, to be commissioned to fill up the vacancies of the late Company of Colonel William Harrison, to wit: William Winter, Jan˙, Captain; George Dent, Jun˙, First Lieutenant; John S˙ Chilton, Second Lieutenant; and William Barker, Ensign; and, in consequence of a letter of resignation received from John S˙ Chilton, the Committee thought proper to recommend Burdit Hamilton in his stead.

Ditto, for the late Company of Major John Marshall: Benjamin Philpot, Captain; Henry Dent, First Lieutenant; Burford Cottrell, Second Lieutenant; and Philip Marshall, Ensign.

Ditto, for the late Company of Colonel Samuel Harrison: William McPherson, Captain; Peter Green, First Lieutenant; Thomas Green, Jun˙, Second Lieutenant; and Leonard Hamilton, Ensign.

Ditto, for the late Company of Colonel Francis Ware: Walter Hanson, of John, Captain; Thomas Simms, First Lieutenant; Jos˙ W˙ Harrison, Second Lieutenant; and John Beal Twener, Ensign.

Ditto, for the late Company of Colonel Josias Hawkins: John Hanson, Youngest, Captain; Henry Massey Hanson, First Lieutenant; James Russell, Second Lieutenant; and John Griffin, Ensign.

Ditto, for the late Company of Major Thomas Harris: Jonathan Yates, Captain; Richard Hendly Courts, First Lieutenant; John Neall, Second Lieutenant; and Raphael Boarman, Jun˙, Ensign.

Ditto, for the late Company of Captain William Campbell: Waller Winter, Captain; Richard Bennett Boarman, First Lieutenant; Jonathan Thomas, Second Lieutenant; and Nehemiah Gibbons, Ensign.

Ditto, for the late Company of Captain John H˙ Stone: George Swann, Captain; John Gwinn, First Lieutenant; Michael Stone, Second Lieutenant; and William Lamar, Ensign.

Mr˙ James Farnandis, who was First Lieutenant to Captain Robert Sennett' s Company, having entered into the regular service, made a recommendation of Officers necessary for that Company, and the following gentlemen are recommended, to wit: John Muschett, First Lieutenant; William McConkie, Second Lieutenant; and Samuel Stone, Jun˙, Ensign.

To fill up the vacancies in the Company lately commanded by General John Dent: Henry Ward, Captain; George Dent, First Lieutenant; Thomas McCartie, Second Lieutenant; and John Grant, Ensign; were recommended by a majority of thirty-two privates of the said Company, met for that purpose.

The Committee think proper to recommend to the honourable the Council of Safely, Captain Thomas Hanson Marshall, who lives in the Hundred to which the said Company belongs, but is not one of that Company, having enrolled in a neighbouring one of Militia. Henry Ward, who is above recommended by the said Company for Captain, was chosen Second Lieutenant by a former election, and, in the judgment and opinion of the Committee, it would tend most to the publick service for the honourable Council of Safety to commission the said Thomas Hanson Marshall, Captain for the said Company; George Dent, First Lieutenant; Henry Ward, Second Lieutenant; and John Grant, Ensign,

The honourable Council of Safety are requested to inquire of Colonel William Smallwood for a recommendation of Officers for the Company he commanded.

Signed by order: JOHN GWINN, Clerk.