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Letter from Colonel Stuart to General Gage


Intercepted Letter transmitted to Congress by General Washington, with his Letter dated December 18, 1775.


St˙ Augustine, October 3, 1775.

SIR: Last night I had the honour of receiving your Excellency' s


letter of 12th September, and I shall pay the strictest attention to your commands contained in it; nothing in my power shall be neglected to forward the interests of Government and your Excellency' s views.

Since writing my last letter, by Colonel Kirkland, I have received, by the way of Savannah, a copy of a talk from the Cherokees, to Mr˙ Cameron, which I now enclose. It shows their disposition, which I shall, by all means, cultivate; for which purpose my brother is preparing to set off for the Creek, and afterwards for the Cherokee nation.

It occurs to me that it will no longer be good policy to foment the difference between the Choctaws and Creeks; for while they continue at war it will be difficult or even impossible to get the Creeks to act in His Majesty' s service, by which they must expose their women and children to the attacks of their enemies. I shall impatiently wait for your Excellency' s ideas upon this subject, which I humbly submit. In the mean time I shall send the necessary instructions throughout the District.

I shall immediately take steps to get some Indians here, which will be an acquisition to this place, in its present weak state; and I have been for some time past using all possible means of supplying myself with necessaries for engaging the Indians firmly in His Majesty' s interest. I am apprehensive I shall find difficulty in getting a supply of provisions.

I have the honour of being, with the utmost respect, sir, your Excellency' s most obedient and most humble servant,