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Ethan Allen to Governour Trumbull



Ticonderoga, August 3, 1775.

HONOURED SIR: General Schuyler exerts his utmost in building boats and making preparation for the Army to advance, as I suppose, to St˙ John' s, &c. We have an insufficient store of provision for such an undertaking, though the projection is now universally approved. Provisions are hurrying forward, but not so fast as I could hope for. General Wooster' s corps has not yet arrived. I fear there is some treachery among the New-York Tory party relative to forwarding the expedition, though I am confident the General is faithful. No troops from New-York, except some: officers, are yet arrived, though it is given out that they will soon be here. The General tells me he does not want any troops till more provision comes to hand, which he is hurrying, and ordered the troops under General Wooster part to be billeted in the meantime at Albany, and part to mend the road from there to Lake George. It is indeed an arduous work to furnish an army to prosecute an enterprise. In the interim, I am apprehensive the enemy are forming one against us: witness the sailing of the transports and two men-of-war from Boston, as is supposed for Quebeck. Probably it appears that the King' s Troops are discouraged of making incursions into the Province of the Massachusetts-Bay. Likely they will send part of their force to overawe the Canadians, and inveigle the Indians into their interest. I fear the Colonies have been too slow in their resolutions and preparations relative to this department, but hope they may still succeed.

Notwithstanding my zeal and success in my Country' s cause, the old farmers on the New-Hampshire Grants, who do not incline to go to war, have met in a Committee meeting, and in their nomination of officers for the Regiment of Green Mountain Boys who are quickly to be raised, have wholly omitted me; but as the commissions will come from the Continental Congress, I hope


they will remember me, as I desire to remain in the service. And remain your Honour' s most obedient humble servant,


To the Honourable Jonathan Trumbull, Governour of the Colony of Connecticut.

N˙ B˙ General Schuyler will transmit to your Honour a copy of the affidavits of two intelligent friends who have just arrived from Canada. I apprehend that what they have delivered is truth. I find myself in the favour of the officers of the Army and the young Green Mountain Boys. How the old men came to reject me, I cannot conceive, inasmuch as I saved them from the encroachments of New-York.

E˙ A.