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Letter from Benjamin Giles to Meshech Weare



Charlestown, No˙ IV., July 20, 1776.

HONOURED SIR: Would inform you I pursued, agreeable to instructions to be in readiness to give the troops a quick pass from Charlestown, arriving here last Sabbath, &c. I need not write the particulars of my conduct, or the cause of purchasing stores. Mr˙ Trott can inform, as he is particularly knowing to my conduct, both before and after Captain Farnsworth came to No˙ 4, whose orders are to purchase beef, and that only for the troops. A difficulty I am afraid will arise: his orders are to give provisions to a complete company only; and as I suppose it is next to impossible for complete companies to march without being notified, I thought it my duty to advertise you, sir, that, if possible, the Captains of each company may have notice thereof. Billeting, mileage, and some other allowances, are all to be paid at Ticonderoga, the money being sent forward. Captain Farnsworth came here last Thursday, and is gone off this morning. According to direction, I have dismissed the business, but have some pork on hand, can' t say how much; Mr˙ Trott will inform you of the circumstance. I sent him to Hadley, to purchase pork. I paid his expenses, being 17s˙ 9d˙, and have charged it. Would be glad of further directions respecting what I have taken in.

I rest, sir, your real friend and very humble servant,

To the Hon˙ Meshech Weare, Esq˙

P˙ S˙ I should have written in a different manner, but Mr˙ Trott can inform you of every particular.

P˙ S˙ I borrowed forty-four dollars, which I have paid for wheat and pork. Would be glad if it can be sent by Mr˙ Trott. I promised to pay it directly. In hurry, Mr˙ Trott is waiting.