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Letter from the New-Hampshire Committee of Safety to the Delegates of the Colony in Congress



In Committee of Safety, November 21, 1775.

GENTLEMEN: The Committee of Supplies, and others concerned in supplying and paying our troops, have not, as yet, been able to close their accounts in such a manner as that we could make out the Colony accounts against


the Continent, but have proceeded so far as to be sure that supplying and paying our troops to the 4th of August, with what we advanced to those gone in Colonel Arnold' s detachment, and those now in Canada under the command of General Schuyler, will amount to upwards of twenty thousand pounds, lawful money. To avoid the necessity of emitting more paper money for our own internal charges, we desire you would request the honourable Congress to make a grant of such a part of the aforesaid sum as they shall see fit, and our accounts shall be transmitted as soon as a settlement can be made with the persons who have transacted the business. The number of the inhabitants in the several towns in this Colony, directed by our Congress to be taken by the several and respective Selectmen, and returned under oath, has cheerfully been complied with, and we send you enclosed the list as returned, except those where only the columns of the sum total are filled up, which not being returned, we have set down by the best information we could obtain, and are confident we have done it very near the true number; however, shall forward those wanting whenever they come to hand, (which we daily expect,) so that the whole may be completed by the Selectmen' s returns.

The towns which did not return their numbers were filled up in the list sent the Continental Congress, as follows:

Newcastle, 530
Goffestown, 520
Kensington, 820
Salisbury, 220
Allenstown, 150
Dunbarton, 490
Dover, 1,614
Hillsborough, 180
Sanbornton, 350
Lyndeborough, 615
Moultonborough, 350
Raby, 320
Tamworth, 115
Society Land, 220
Hanover, 380
Hindsdale, 70
Lyman, 40
Charlestown, 710
Grafton, 50
Acworth, 110
Apthorp, 15
Jaffrey, 175
Wentworth, 60
Fitzwilliam, 250
Warren, 60
Lempster, 155
Amherst, — 1,410