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Commitment of the Prisoners


Resolved, That Mr˙ William Rush be authorized and directed to procure a sufficient number of Locks, Bars, and Bolts, immediately to be made, for effectually securing the Doors in the new Jail in this City, where the Prisoners from Carolina are confined, agreeable to the order of Congress, by this Committee.

The following Commitment was issued by order of the Board for the confinement of the several persons therein mentioned, lately taken prisoners in North-Carolina, and sent from thence by the Committee of Safety of that Province, and ordered into close confinement by Congress, viz:

"In Committee of Safety, May 25, 1776.

"To the Keeper of the Jail of PHILADELPHIA County:

"You are hereby required to receive into your custody Brigadier-General Donald McDonald, Colonel Allan McDonald, of Kingsborough, Major Alexander McDonald, (Courfrach,) Alexander McDonald, son of Kingsborough, Captain James McDonald, Captain Angus McDonald, Captain Alexander McKay, Captain Alexander McCleod, Captain Murdoch Mc Askill, Captain Neil McArthur, Captain John McLeod, Captain Thomas Wier, Captain John McKenzie, Lieutenant John Murchison, Kenneth McDonald, Aid-de-Camp, Murdoch McLeod, Surgeon, John Smith, Adjutant-General, Donald McLeod, Quartermaster, John Bethune, Chaplain, Farquard Campbell, Colonel, Thomas Rutherford, and Michael Holt, lately taken prisoners in North-Carolina, and them safely keep in close


confinement until discharged by the honourable Congress or this Committee.

"Signed by order of the Committee:


Resolved, That Colonel John Shea be desired to furnish an Officer' s Guard for the protection of the new Jail, and for the better security of the North-Carolina Prisoners, during their confinement there.