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Proceedings of the Committee for the County of Balitmore


At a meeting of the Committee, February 26, 1776:

Present: Samuel Purviance, Jun˙, Chairman, William Lux, Vice-Chairman, John Moale, John Smith, John Boyd, C˙ Ridgely, of William, William Wilkinson, William Buchanan, Benjamin Nicholson, G˙ Risteau, William Asquith, Thomas Sellers, John Cockey, Thomas Gist.

Application being made to the Committee for liberty to remove seventy-five chests of the Tea under the care of the Committee to the Head-of-Elk, and to remove the remaining part thereof from the place where it is now stored to some other place of security,

Resolved, That Mr˙ Stewart be permitted to send seventy-five chests of said Tea to the Head-of-Elk, on condition of his engaging that the same shall be stored under the care of the Committee of Cecil County, and that he shall produce a Receipt from said Committee for said quantity of Tea.

Also, Resolved, That Mr˙ Stewart be permitted to remove the remainder of said Tea to any place in this County for the better security thereof.

Captain William McNeil, of the Sloop Ranger, having applied for liberty to depart with said vessel, now loaded with Provisions for New-England, agreeable to a permission for that purpose lately granted; and it appearing that the said Captain McNeil hath violated an engagement entered into before this Committee, the 18th day of December, to export fifteen hogsheads Molasses imported by him in said vessel from Turk' s Island, reported to be the growth of a British West-India Island,

It is, hereupon, Resolved, That the said Captain McNeil hath behaved very unworthily, and forfeited the permission granted for loading said vessel; but it appearing to the Committee that the cargo shipped in said vessel is the property of persons unconcerned in Captain McNeil' s misconduct. It is agreed, that, in case of his engaging to give the command of said vessel to a master approved of by this Committee, the said vessel shall be permitted to depart with her cargo, on the express condition that Captain McNeil shall not go in her.

Attest: GEORGE LUX, Secretary.