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Weston, September 8, 1775.

Having been acquainted by the Gentlemen the Committee of Correspondence in Weston with some uneasiness arising in the minds of people, from the conduct of myself and family upon fast day, the 20th of last July, and having a desire to live in good fellowship with every friend to American liberty, I beg leave publickly to declare, that the part I bore in those transactions that gave offence was dictated solely by the principles of religion and humanity, with no design of displeasing any one, and that I am sorry it was, in the eyes of one of my fellow-countrymen, attended with any disgusting circumstances. As it has been suspected that I despised the day, and the authority that appointed it, I must, in justice to myself, and from the love of truth, affirm, that I very highly respect and revere that authority, and, were it not for the appearance of boasting, could add, that I believe no person observed it with greater sincerity than


The Gentlemen the Committee of Correspondence of Weston and Sudbury, (Massachusetts,) having taken into consideration the above declaration of the Rev˙ Asa Dunbar, and questioned him respecting the transaction he refers to, receive it as satisfactory, and think it ought to release him from any unfavourable suspicions that have arisen to his disadvantage.