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Letter of the Convention of Virginia


Ordered, That the Hon˙ Matthew Tilghman, Thomas Johnson, Junior, Samuel Chase, William Paca, Robert Goldsborough, John Hall, and Thomas Stone, Esquires, be a Cornmiltee to prepare a Letter to the Convention of Virginia, assigning the reasons why this Convention will not accede to their Resolution.

The Committee prepared the following Letter, to wit: In Provincial Convention, Annapolis,

August 1,1775.

GENTLEMEN: The resolution of your Convention, that no Flour, Wheat, or other Grain, or Provisions of any kind, should be exported from your Colony to any part of the world, after the fifth day of August, came to hand by your express yesterday afternoon. The Delegates from this Province have communicated to this Convention, that the utility and propriety of stopping exports had been fully considered by the Congress, and that they had not thought proper to stop the exports before the tenth day of September. We have received information that the Congress intends to adjourn the beginning of this week, so that this subject cannot again be brought before them. This Convention, on mature consideration, do not see that the advantages to the common cause, by an immediate stoppage of the export of provisions, could equal the inconveniences and distresses of individuals which would certainly be occasioned, thereby, nor that any distress could be brought on the common enemy by our coming into your resolution, without the accession of the Colonies of Pennsylvania and New-York, which cannot be brought about sooner than the tenth of September, as the Convention of New-York will probably rise about the same time as the Congress; and the Assembly of Pennsylvania hath already adjourned. For these reasons we have unanimously resolved not to prohibit exports before that day.

We are, with great respect, your most obedient servants,

By order of the Convention:


To the Honourable Convention of Virginia.

Convention adjourns till to-morrow morning, ten o' clock.