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Committee to make inquiry in the Colony for virgin Lead and Leaden Ore


Michael Farley, Esq˙, brought down from the honourable Board the following Resolve, viz:

"In Council, August 22, 1775.

"Resolved, That the Hon˙ Benjamin Greenleaf, Eldad Taylor, and Joseph Palmer, Esqs˙, with such as the honourable House shall join, be a Committee to make inquiry in this Colony after Virgin Lead and Leaden Ore, and the best methods of collecting, smelting, and refining it; and also to inquire into the cheapest and easiest method of making Salt in this Colony: the said Committee to transmit the result of their inquiries to the Delegates of this Colony at the Continental Congress."

Read and concurred, and Colonel Freeman, Captain Greenleaf, Dr˙ Whiting, and Mr˙ Story, were joined.