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Address of the House of Commons to the King


To the King' s Most Excellent Majesty.

The humble Address of the Knights, Citizens, and Burgesses, in Parliament assembled.

Most Gracious Sovereign:

We, your Majesty' s most dutiful and loyal subjects, the Commons of Ireland, in Parliament assembled, beg leave to assure your Majesty of our steady loyalty to your person, our attention to the honour of your Government, and our zeal to preserve the peace and happiness of your subjects.

We return our most grateful thanks to your Majesty for your paternal care, in being graciously pleased to continue in the Government of this Kingdom a Nobleman, who, during three years that he hath presided over us, has given ample proofs of those abilities and virtues that have distinguished his publick character, in every station which he has filled under your Majesty, and have dignified his private life in every relation which he hath borne to society. We are happy to express the favourable impression which our past conduct has made upon his mind, and our anxious desire that our future proceedings may warrant the same disposition towards us, in his representations to your Majesty.

We beseech your Majesty to believe that we are filled with a just and lively gratitude for the many blessings we enjoy under your mild and firm Government, and that your Majesty may entirely rely on our most unfeigned zeal and unshaken loyalty, that whilst your Government is disturbed by a rebellion existing in a part of your American Dominions, which we hear with abhorrence and feel with indignation, we shall be ever ready to show our most devoted and inviolable attachment to your Majesty' s sacred person and Government, in the assertion of your just rights, and in the support of your legal authority.


We declare our readiness to grant the supplies necessary for the ordinary expenses of your Majesty' s establishments, as far as the state and circumstances of this Country will permit, and to provide for the arrear unavoidably incurred thereon.

We acknowledge your Majesty' s tender concern for the welfare of this Kingdom, in the several laws recently passed in Great Britain, highly advantageous to our commerce, manufactures, and agriculture, and profess our resolution to improve advantages, so obviously beneficial to our navigation and trade, as those which must arise from an act which extends the great benefits of British fisheries to Ireland, which has been the source of industry and wealth to other nations.

We thankfully express our satisfaction for that particular mark of your Majesty' s royal favour, the act allowing the clothing and accoutrements for your Majesty' s forces, paid from the revenues of this Kingdom, to be exported from Ireland; and are confident that the act which allows the importation of rape-seed to Great Britain, from this Kingdom, under certain regulations, will, connected with those salutary laws passed in this Kingdom during the last session of Parliament, form such a system of agriculture and improvement, as we hope may secure riches and plenty to the people of Ireland.

We assure your Majesty of our being deeply impressed with the expediency of persevering application to the staple of this Country, so strongly recommended by a bounty from Great Britain upon the importation of flax-seed into Ireland; and that the Protestant Charter Schools are eminently entitled to our consideration and care, as a wise and humane institution, peculiarly adapted to the state and circumstances of this Country.

In terms of the most unbounded loyalty and allegiance, we lay before your Majesty the hearts of your ever faithful Commons of Ireland, labouring to pour forth the just and grateful sense which they feel of your Majesty' s great goodness, indulgence, and favour, and wishing to proclaim to the world, at this critical conjuncture, their steady determination to approve themselves not unworthy the protection of so wise, so just, and so amiable a Sovereign.

H˙ ALCOCK, Cler˙ Dom˙ Com.

His Excellency the Lord Lieutenant' s Answer.

I will take the first opportunity of transmitting this dutiful and loyal Address, to be laid before His Majesty.