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June 12, Newport


Newport, Rhode-Island, June 12, 1775.

On Monday last the Honourable General Assembly of this Colony met at East-Greenwich, and passed the following Act:

"This Assembly, at the Session held at Providence on the first Wednesday, in May last, having passed an Act prohibiting his Honour the Deputy Governour and the Assistants, from administering the oath of office to the Honourable Joseph Wanton, Esq˙, who was elected Governour of this Colony for the present year; and declaring all acts by him done in the pretended capacity of Governour, null and void, until he shall be engaged in open General Assembly, and with the consent of the General Assembly, &c.: and the said Joseph Wanton having appeared before this Assembly, and demanded that the oath of office be administered to him; and this Assembly having taken the same into consideration, do vote and resolve, and it is voted and resolved, that the said Joseph Wanton hath not given satisfaction to this Assembly, and that the said recited Act, passed at the last Session, continue and be in force until


the rising of the General Assembly at the next Session; and that this Act be immediately published, by inserting a copy thereof in the Newport Mercury, and Providence Gazette."

Colony of Rhode-Island, &c.

The above is a true copy of an Act passed by the General Assembly, at the Session held at East-Greenwich, on the second Monday in June, A˙ D˙ 1775.

Witness: HENRY WARD, Secretary.